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Finally had the chance to build this frog! I finished this a few minutes ago and I’m happy how this turned out. Putting on the stickers was the hard part. x__x Cool thing about this is I can change his hands, weapons, eyes, and mouth! Now I must find other sgt frog models so I can build them~

A friend of mine gave me this yesterday and I was like, “Duuuuuude this is awesome!” or something like that. XD It’s actually a model I can build if you didn’t know that. I’m going to be building Dark Keroro!! I’ll post a picture of the finished model when I am done. :) This is my first time!




really love the signage in sonic x

Sorry for the lack of posts. Totally forgot about this place. x__x
So um… I’ve been to the ER 3 times within 3 weeks. First on July 20th and two times this week. My guess was I had an anxiety attack all 3 times. Heart racing, couldn’t catch my breath, and felt like fainting. The third time I had chest pain. BLUH it was a nightmare. The doctors took an x-ray of my heart and everything and on Tuesday, everything came out positive. The doctor told me to just be happy and enjoy life. I was so relieved that day~ I also did a 24 hour test the same day. Had to use a heart monitor. I returned it yesterday so now I must wait for the results. As of now I’m feeling better and hopefully this doesn’t happen again any time soon.


Doodled my favorite alien brothers.
This isn’t a comic, just a collection of various drawings. <8D


I like how my unfinished frog art/comics consist of just Garuru being a pain in the butt to Giroro.

I might finish these some day maybe?
….maybe xD


I blasted Fall Out Boy the whole time I drew this help me I am in fangirl relapse


I’ve seen so many of those inspiring palette challenge pics and decided to give it a try (/- u -‘’) Never tried it before so not sure if I made it correcly tho…

Welp. At least it was fun.

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